Smiling Again

   Facial expression is the primary visual display of human emotion. Studies show that attitude follows behavior. People that smile and laugh more often generally start to develop a more positive life outlook. This breeds success.   What we find is when a patient has gone through a prolonged difficult time, they sacrifice their appearance, most notably the smile. They naturally smile less. This in turn increases negative affect, further compounding the difficult time.
   At Aesthetic Smile Reconstruction, patients present with a variety of backgrounds and histories. We are inspired by these situations. We find it invaluably satisfying to restore a happy smile. It’s common to help a man smile again after a divorce, reconstruct a patient’s smile after a traumatic accident, or enhance the smile of the single mother who sacrificed to provide for her children. We find a patient rediscovering their smile is intimately connected to the steps of self improvement and restoring self esteem, and it is a remarkable honor for us to be a part of that level of success.