When it comes to toothbrushes in 2020, it’s all about mechanical action. So how do you select the best tooth brush?

In the past, we relied exclusively on the movement of our hands to move the bristles. Now modern toothbrushes significantly amplify the movement of the bristles that far exceeds what the human hand can do. And don’t just believe me, a 2013 study clearly showed power toothbrushes are more effective in plaque removal compared to manual toothbrushes.

Think of manual toothbrushes as shoveling snow, and power toothbrushes as a snowblower. The horsepower of the toothbrush allows more thorough hygiene in significantly less time. That’s a formula for hygiene success in the general population.

toothbrushes are like shoveling vs snowblowers

The Top 3 Things to Consider when Buying a Toothbrush

  • Powered toothbrushes consistently clean the teeth better than manual
  • Soft or medium hardness bristles protect the gums and are equally effective
  • You have to be comfortable using it twice per day, everyday

How the Best Toothbrushes Compare

In terms of the best toothbrushes on the market, what you want to look for is the pulsations and oscillations per minute. The top toothbrushes in 2020 have minimum pulsations in the range of 20,000 per minute and up.  But before you go searching for the highest horsepower like Tim the Tool Man Tailor, the less powerful models have their place too. With fewer oscillations and pulsations per minute, it usually equates to a more portable toothbrush which can be great for traveling. The tradeoff with less action per minute generally means the person must commit more time to clean the mouth equally compared to more powerful models.

Toothbrushes for Patients with Gum Recession

When it comes to protecting the gums, the size of the toothbrush head matters most. Patients who are prone to gum recession will benefit from selecting a smaller, round-shaped toothbrush head. The smaller head is easier to guide with precision, which avoids abrading the gums and exacerbating gum loss. For more information on gum health learn more here.