How Much Does Dental Treatment Cost?

We believe in transparency at Aesthetic Smile Reconstruction. We understand that many patients have questions about the cost of various dental treatment. We also know that many dental offices are reluctant to quote their fees before meeting a patient. Practices are hesitant to quote because a patient may think they need one treatment, but in actuality, the recommended treatment is different than what the patient originally thought. After examining the patient and recommending the proper course of treatment, the price may change which creates confusion or frustration for the patient.

We want to present the cost of our fees in full disclosure. Below is a list of fees and pricing for common dental treatments and procedures. Please keep in mind that the recommended treatment may be different than you think, your benefits plan may contribute an adjustment toward the cost, and we have our interest-free Dental Freedom payment plan available. At your first appointment, we will discuss your recommended treatment and all the tools available to help you ease the cost of treatment.

Keep in mind our office often offers promotions and helpful financing such as Dental Freedom.


Comprehensive Exam: $125

Limited Exam + 1 x-ray: $150

Full Mouth Radiographs: $150

Prophylaxis Cleaning: $125

Composite Fill Restoration: $225 to $425 (1 to 4 surfaces)

Core Build Up: $450

Porcelain Ceramic Crown: $1500

Porcelain Laminate Veneer: $1550

Implant surgical placement: $2300

Bone graft: $750

Implant custom abutment: $925

Implant crown: $1550

Implant retained full denture (excluding implants/abutments): $2500

Implant retained partial denture: $2500

Extraction: $275/$425 (simple extraction/surgical extraction)

Impacted extraction (typically wisdom teeth): $475 to $700 (soft tissue to complete bony)

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing gas): $125 per appointment

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry: $350

IV Conscious Sedation dentistry:  $250 per 15 mins (max cost of $750, extra time included)

Gummy smile gingivectomy: $650 per quad 

Gummy smile Reverse Vestibuloplasty lip lowering: $1900 per arch

Invisalign: $7100

Viveria Retainers: $349 (per arch)

TMJ equilibration/DTR treatment with T-Scan technology:  $2400

Our office is a comprehensive multispeciality dental practice offering the full scope of all dental services. We stand for long lasting quality.  There are practices with lower pricing available. Our pricing reflects use of the highest quality materials and techniques by Dr. Charles Sutera, a renowned FAGD dentist with advanced multidisciplinary training. Crowns and implants are guaranteed for life for patients who consistently maintain their routine hygiene visits at our office.

This is a sample and not a complete list of all treatment available. Pricing is subject to change annually. Our office is located in Waltham, MA. We serve the entire Metro Boston area and beyond. From time to time we have promotions and specials available. Call 781-487-1111.