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How does Botox for TMJ Dysfunction Work

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ dysfunction), which is commonly referred to as simply TMJ, is a medical condition that involves pain of the muscles of the head and neck, or the temporomandibular joints. TMJ dysfunction and pain present a variety of symptoms but most often include fatigue when chewing, clicking of the jaw when opening or […]

Can Sedation Dentistry Be Used During Cosmetic Procedures?

IV sedation is a type of anesthesia offered at some dental practices with advanced specialized training in dental anesthesia. Dental practices that are board-certified in IV sedation allow patients an additional aspect of a comfort compared to traditional dental offices. During IV sedation, patients can complete a large number of complex treatments efficiently. The patient […]

I Don’t Like My Dental Veneers, What Now?

Dental veneers are a treatment that can subtly or dramatically enhance the look of your smile. Patients that get veneers have life-changing effects on their self-confidence and the aesthetics of their facial beauty. The process, however, is a permanent change to your smile. With so many factors that create facial beauty and a variety of […]

How A Smile Makeover Can Change Your Life

Your smile is the focal point of your happiness. Can you imagine being a happy and confident person, yet never smiling? It’s hard to imagine but this is actually how many people live their life. Some people don’t smile because they are unhappy, they don’t smile because they’re self-conscious about their smile. We live in […]

What does sedation dentistry feel like?

We’re trying to make dental anxiety a thing of the past. Sedation dentistry also called sleep dentistry is one way to accommodate patients who are severely afraid of the dentist. Sedation isn’t just providing a medication during treatment – it’s your entire experience at a dental office. It’s catering to your comfort. It’s understanding doctor-patient […]

How do smile makeovers work? – Boston Smile Makeovers

Some people are blessed to be born with a beautiful smile, just as some people are fortunate to have a stunning body physique. But just like exercising is essential to maintain a physique as we age, a smile requires maintenance and periodic enhancements to maintain beauty. When you see celebrities and actors in Hollywood, it […]