When you think of the sculptures of Michelangelo, what’s one thing that comes to mind?

A beautiful, chiseled jawline.

Regardless, male or female, most people probably would assume jawline definition is a major player in the perception of beauty.

But is it really?

Recently there have been numerous trends that play up the concept that exercising your jaw can improve your appearance. From jawzrsize to mewing, there’s plenty of products and recommendations out there with tantalizing ads encouraging you to do so.

In this article we’ll talk about the concept of toning your jawline and if it’s legitimate. I’ll give you my two cents for a jawzrsize review. In case you haven’t seen the product specifics, you can check out the details here. I’ll talk about how to use jawzrsize, what science tells us about jawline definition, and yes….

I’ll answer the question on your mind, does jawzrsize work?

What is Jawzrsize and How to Use Jawzrsize

What is Jawzrsize and How to Use Jawzrsize

When it comes to facial beauty most people desire two attributes: symmetry and definition. And when it comes to defining the jaw, it may seem that by exercising the muscles, the jaw will be more defined.

It’s perfect logic.

You would think that if you exercise one spot of your body, that part of your body will lose more fat right?

That’s essentially the concept of jawzrsize.

But does jawzrsize work? Well, we’ll get to that in the next section. First let’s talk about how the manufacturer recommends how to use jawzrsize.

When it comes to how to use jawzrsize, it’s pretty simple. It’s a small ball, similar to a stress ball or a workout ball you may use for other body parts. The person places the jawzrsize in their mouth and aligns their teeth to a little slot in jawzrsize.

Just like you would rep weight on your biceps, you contract and release your jaw against the resistance of a variety of jawzrsize weights.

Does Jawzrsize Work?

You know how we talked about that logic before? That if you exercise one body part specifically, that it will become more defined? Well, it turns out its reasonable logic, however, it doesn’t hold water. The studies disagree.

The concept is known as spot fat reduction.

The general scientific consensus is that exercising a specific body part does not cause more fat loss in that body part.

Therefore to answer, does jawzrsize work, you have to understand the science to set proper expectations. Science shows us you can’t focus on exercising only the jaw and expect jawline definition.

And I know what you’re thinking, but wait, I really want a more defined jawline. How do I get that?

It’s simple. All you have to do is go old school. Follow a good nutritional meal plan and exercise for overall cardiovascular health.

The reality is if you have an overall lower body fat percentage, the fat around the jawline will be proportionately less, and it gives you more jawline definition.

That’s the most effective way.

A Look at Why People Desire a Chiseled Jawline

There is no doubt that the jawline has an effect on the perception of beauty. However, the concept may be different than most people realize.

Actually, to put it bluntly, it might be the exact opposite of what you think.

Studies show that certain shapes of the jaw and chin are considered beautiful on a regional basis, but not universally. Essentially, there is not one jaw shape which is considered universally beautiful for either gender.

So, if you’re thinking that a more defined jaw shape will make you more attractive, that may not be the case.

When it comes to the jaw, beauty is scientifically proven to come in all shapes and sizes throughout the world.

How about Strengthening Muscle, Isn’t that Good for TMJ Disorder?

The movement of the jaw is quite complex. It involves the external muscles we can see but also many fragile ligaments and tendons that you cannot. All of these structures need to work in harmony for the head and neck to avoid strain.

Most issues of the jaw are related to excessively developed muscles, not inadequate.

Think of the lower jaw as a hammock. If you swing a hammock gently with light force, it’s easy to control. But if you swing a hammock with excessive power, the hinges begin to click and pop with strain. The hammock can only handle as much force as the weakest link.

The same goes for the jaw.

The muscles can only be so powerful before they begin to overpower the system. Excessive muscle power of the jaw can lend itself to headaches, clenching, or TMJ pain.

And you might think that exercising your jaw is therapeutic, similar to physical therapy. But a large part of physical therapy has to do with stretching, improving posture, and reduction of muscle tension—not necessarily increasing muscle tension.

So is Jawzrsize a hero or a zero?


In some cases, it may be beneficial to increase muscle tone of the jaw, but this is largely the exception to the rule.

Most healthy individuals have sufficient muscle tone, and actually, the population skews to having excessive jaw muscle tension compared to not enough.

Therefore, most people should consult with their physical therapist or PCP before attempting to increase the muscle tone of the jaw through intentional exercise.

Jawzrsize Side effects & Are There Any Risks?

What is Jawzrsize and How to Use Jawzrsize

The big risk with the concept of strengthening the jaw muscles is that it requires non-chewing force to the teeth.

When force is applied at angles on the teeth, it can act as unintentional orthodontics.

Overtime force applied to the mouth can lend itself to shifting of the teeth or changes in the bite position which increases risk of alignment issues or TMJ disorder.

Wrapping Up: Jawzrsize Review, TMJ Specialist Point of View


Strengthening the jaw muscles is a bit mystifying.

When you think of fitness, you may think…well I work out every other part of my body during a workout, but what about my jaw? It’s being neglected from the workout plan.

But that’s for good reason.

Just like you don’t consciously exercise your heart muscle, the same goes for your jaw muscle. We often forget that we exercise our jaw throughout the day without even realizing it. In fact, arguably more than any other muscle.

During talking, eating, smiling, teeth clenching, and grinding there is significant use of the muscles of the jaw. Some of these movement even happen while you sleep.

The jaw muscles are similar to the heart. They are consistently active during normal life.

And just like your heart concurrently exercises simply by living a healthy lifestyle of nutrition and fitness, a normal lifestyle is all most people need to maintain sufficient jaw muscle tone.

So here’s the thing. Does jawzrsize work? That’s up to you to decide.

But in terms of my jawzrsize review, let me put it to you this way. If you’re looking at Michelangelo’s statue of David and are envious of that beautiful jawline, that’s perfectly normal.

Alot of people think that.

But if you start wondering if David found a clipless coupon for the jawrzsize he used to get that jaw physique, you might want to rethink that thinking.