A smile is a very powerful part of every one of us. A smile can change your mood, decrease stress, and turn a bad day completely around. But when your smile is a source of stress or self-consciousness, it begins to weigh on your ability to thrive.

If you have broken, discolored, stained, misaligned, misshapen, gapped, or thin teeth do not let it get you down. There are many ways in which you can transform your smile to increase your confidence. A common treatment used by Aesthetic Smile Reconstruction to enhance your smile is through dental veneers. You may question if veneers are worth it, but this article will discuss the benefits of porcelain veneers and the different ways that they can improve your smile.

Whiten your smile

Improving the color of the teeth is one of the most common requests a patient can ask. The color of the teeth is one of the first attributes the eye notices about a smile. Although teeth whitening can work for many types of teeth stains, if your discoloration is due to a medication or an injury that darkened your dentin, teeth whitening may not work effectively.

Dental veneers are the proper treatment when stains are intrinsic to the tooth, or when improving the color of the teeth is only one of the improvements desired. Veneers can instantly brighten your smile. The result remains permanent and does not require whitening treatments to be repeated in the future. Dental veneers are highly stained resistant, which makes them ideal as a low maintenance solution for maintaining a beautiful and bright smile for years.

Fix broken or chipped teeth

If you have broken or fractured teeth, it can be a source of self-consciousness, but also harm your health. Broken or fractured teeth increase the chance of further fracturing the teeth. Another benefit of veneers is their ability to restore and improve the shape of broken teeth. When done by an expert cosmetic dentist, the veneers will be undetectable and appear natural as if they were your natural teeth.

Improve alignment without orthodontics

Some patients that have misaligned teeth may not want to wait 6 to 24 months to complete orthodontics to achieve the result. Other patients may also have fractures in their teeth, or stains that orthodontics cannot correct by itself. For these patients, veneers may be the proper choice as the veneers can make the teeth appear straight while also improve other structural or cosmetic defects of the teeth.

Improve symmetry

Do you feel your smile is narrow and doesn’t match the width of your face? Are some of your teeth too small or asymmetrical compared to the rest of the teeth? Studies have shown that the symmetry of the smile and face have a major effect on the perception of attractiveness. Enhancing the symmetry of the smile or individual teeth can have a dramatic enhancement on overall facial beauty and self-confidence. Veneers can enhance your smile symmetry so that your smile better compliments the beauty of your face.

Close gaps between teeth

If you have gaps between your teeth, it may be that the teeth are not the right proportions for space. Braces or Invisalign are one option for improving the spacing between teeth, but they aren’t always the proper choice. If you’re looking for a faster solution to close gaps and your teeth are not ideal proportions, veneers may be the best option. Veneers can completely improve gaps between your teeth and give you a more cosmetically, appealing smile.

Restore the strength of teeth

Crowns and veneers are similar in cost. However, veneers are usually considered a purely cosmetic treatment. Because veneers are considered cosmetic by insurance, they are very unlikely to have insurance benefits available. Because crowns are often used to treat both functional and cosmetic concerns, crowns are often covered by insurance benefits typically at around 50% of the cost shared between the insurance and the patient up to the yearly maximum.

Maintaining Your Perfect Smile

The enamel on your teeth is one of the strongest substances in the human body. The enamel of teeth serves as a source of protection. However, your enamel isn’t indestructible. The teeth can wear and abrade over time from numerous factors. Some of the factors that wear teeth are improper brushing, clenching and grinding, TMJ, decay, and routinely consuming acidic foods. These factors can make the teeth short, fractured, and misshapen which give the smile an older appearance. Veneers can restore the enamel of the teeth to make your smile look younger and more vibrant. The veneers also provide reinforcement and strength to the underlying tooth structure.

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