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How do smile makeovers work? – Boston Smile Makeovers

Some people are blessed to be born with a beautiful smile, just as some people are fortunate to have a stunning body physique. But just like exercising is essential to maintain a physique as we age, a smile requires maintenance and periodic enhancements to maintain beauty. When you see celebrities and actors in Hollywood, it […]

What are Dental Veneers and How Do They Work?

A smile makeover with porcelain veneers is much like renovating a home. If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you know there are dozens of house flipping shows. The premises of the shows are all based on the same principle— renovating a home builds immense value. If you watch enough episodes, you’ll notice that real estate investors […]

Implant Retained Dentures vs. Implant Supported Dentures

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional dentures? If so, implant-retained dentures may be right for you. Many people find dentures to be uncomfortable and inconvenient, but implant retained dentures can resolve some of the issues found in normal dentures. Keep reading to learn more about this increasingly popular style of dentures, and learn […]

How to Cope With Pain from Erupting Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth erupt in all shapes, sizes, and orientations which often leads to problematic and painful eruption usually in the late teeth years or early 20s. Wisdom teeth are the final teeth to develop in the mouth.  There are typically four wisdom teeth in total, but often wisdom teeth cause the majority of dental issues […]